Mini Spoon, Crackling Glaze

With its traditional design, this classic mini spoon will highlight your dining table. 

Whether you use it to serve condiments, jams, or spices, these mini spoons bring warmth, texture, and charm to your kitchen or dining room. With their warm beige color and rich texture, these mini spoons elevate serving seasonings to a new level.

The story behind the product

We sourced these pieces from a Santa Maria Atzompa workshop, in Oaxaca, Mexico. This family works with techniques that have been handed down for generations. 

Our partners develop their own style and natural colors by mixing copal, or tobacco with local clay. On the darker pieces, they use an oxygen-reduction technique to create this black and beige color on the surface of the clay. The artisans use a crackling, lead-free glaze inside the spoon to impermeabilize.

  • Family workshop
  • Handmade 
  • Local clay
  • Size | H7 cm
  • Colors | Beige and Black (the color varies with firing)

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