The artisans behind the products

Coutume’s collections are designed in our studio in Oaxaca, Mexico, and are ethically made from sampling to finish by talented craftsmen from all over Central America. 

Our connections were mainly established through traveling and working in the field for several years. Our collaborations are gradually expanding through time and network. We regularly visit the workshops in Guatemala & Mexico, where the makers proudly share the beauty of their process and where we choose premium quality materials and textile techniques.

Our brand partners with x8 artisan groups that represent around 80 artisans. Our priority is given to women: 80% of the weavers, tailors, and cooperative leaders we work with are female. We collaborate with associations, small producers, and families who work in healthy conditions and receive a fair wage.

These exclusive textiles are produced without machines at a human pace. Behind each product are several artisans working for weeks, using heritage techniques to complete the process. 

Every piece we craft is 100% handmade. The production is fascinating as our textiles are embroidered, woven, or hand-dyed. Each weave bears its community's trace, culture, and heritage, resulting in high-quality and original pieces.

Our studio uses eco-friendly materials, natural fibers such as cotton and wool, and plant-based dyes whenever possible. We are consistently working on the development of new pieces.

Coutume works hand in hand with small producers or associations who follow Fair Trade principles. Our studio ensures high-quality production and ethical working practices.

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