Hair Combs, Rosewood

These Rosewood Combsare bathroom classics. These elegant accessories were thought to have both stunning aesthetics and functional use. Shaped by hand with the most robust material and in soft tones, these combs will bring an organic and stylish look to your space. 

This family of Santo Tomas Jalieza in Oaxaca, Mexico, produces these wooden combs with a local technique handed down for generations.

Bernardino works with his family and trained for two years in design school to develop unique shapes and renew his collections each season. He uses local or recycled wood, such as rosewood, and hand sculpts each piece. 

  • Local Rosewood
  • Family workshop
  • Hand sculpted
  • Sizes | Round & rectangle: H18 cm | Double sided: H12 cm
  • Colors | Natural brown & beige wood

    Within two weeks


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