Cookware, Rust

Our casserole and pan come in an alluring rust color and a vintage style. Made of natural clay and pigments, these textured pieces will add a unique touch to your kitchen or table. 
The story behind the product

These beautiful pieces are made by a family of artisans in Pueblo Nuevo, Oaxaca, Mexico.

The artisans build the pottery without a wheel, using the coiling technique. To create this vintage look or speckled texture called "salpicado", the artisans polish the clay and then spray a natural tannin extracted from tree bark, that will give this dark luster. This technique needs two firings to complete.

The pieces are produced in a black and rust color.

  • Family workshop
  • Local clay & tree bark tannin
  • Coiling technique
  • Deep pan | W20 X H7 cm
  • Casserole | W23 x H12 cm
  • Colors | Rust brown, and black
  • Within 4 weeks

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