Classic Taper Candles

Bring an elegant touch to your decor with the Classic Candles, which come in a rich, earthy palette. Featuring natural beeswax and plant-based dyes, these premium-quality candles have been crafted by hand in Mexico.
The story behind the product

A Zapotec family of Teotitlán del Valle, in Oaxaca, Mexico crafts these beautiful beeswax candles by hand.

Before the wax is colored, it is bleached white by the sun, and then colored with plant-based dyes. Lime is used as a natural fixer. To create the shape, the artisans bathe layer after layer a string in the dyed wax until the candle is complete. Each candle is unique. 

The technique's origins lie in an ancient wedding ritual. They are still made for the local traditions but also to decorate and also to light up and warm our space.

  • Family workshop
  • Handmade
  • Natural beeswax and natural dyes
  • Sizes: XS: H12 cm | S: 20 cm | M: 25 cm | L: 40 cm
  • Colors | Deep blue, Drak green, Ochre, Ash rose, Sand, Glacier, Sand
  • Sold by pair except for size L 

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