Zapoteco Rug

The Zapoteco rug seduces the eyes with its geometrical patterns and earthy shades. With its luminous palette, this hand woven piece becomes the focal point of any room.

The Zapoteco rug is flat woven in Mexico on a traditional pedal loom. It is hand made by a family of craftsmen in Teotitlan del Valle, in the region of Oaxaca, Mexico

Our studio collaborated with the artisans to develop a new rug, inspired by motifs used for hundreds of years in the Zapotec culture. Our design mixes traditional techniques and modern graphics.

The wool is colored using 100% biodegradable natural dyeing techniques. The pigments are derived from plants, tree bark or even local insects; a technique passed from generation to generation.

Ideal for bedroom or living room décor, this cozy wool rug is available in Beige or Camel. From standard S to XL format or made to order.

  • Handwoven on a shuttle loom in Mexico
  • Family workshop
  • Production process: 3 weeks min.
  • 100 % virgin sheep wool
  • Plant-based dyes
  • Colors | Beige, black, cream | Camel, black, cream
  • Care | Dry Cleaning + info
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Custom Design

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