Onyx Incense Holder

Lit an incense and enjoy some peace with our classic Onyx Incense Holder. Crafted by hand in a natural mineral palette, this classic piece will set a cozy, calm ambiance in any space.
The story behind the product

We source these Candle Holders from two workshops in Magdalena Apasco Etla, in the Oaxaca region, Mexico. Our partners Reyna and Oscar have worked with Cantera, Onyx stone, and Marble for 40 years. 

Blocs of onyx are extracted from the open-pit mine and then cut into large pieces. Once at the workshop, the artisans work on smaller cubes and cut them into the right size. Then each piece is emptied, sculpted, and polished by hand, following the design.

  • Family workshop
  • Size | W8 x H3 cm
  • Colors | Mineral white or green
  • Onyx stone from Puebla, Mexico

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