Flower Vase, Black Clay

This timeless flower vase offers a great way to spruce up the corner of a living room, bedroom, or entryway, with a fresh colorful bouquet. Handcrafted from clay, and made in strong black and smokey colors, this modern vase will bring strength and elegance to your living space.

Story Behind Flower Vase, Black Clay

Coutume sourced this beautiful piece from Zapotec artisans of San Bartolo Coyotepec, in the Oaxaca state in Mexico.

The artisans fire the clay in a semi-underground oven for around 8 hours at 800 degrees (C°), using an oxygen-reduction technique. The smoke creates this black and silver, slightly iridescent color on the surface. The pieces feel like metal in hand.

Historically, this thin clay was used to transport liquids. Today, these pieces are designed to be aesthetic, or decorative. 

  • Women-led workshop
  • Local clay
  • Oxygen-reduction technique
  • H30 cm
  • Color | Black with slight silver glints

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